What is your General biosecurity Duty?

What is your general biosecurity duty?

Did you know that you have a general biosecurity duty in your home garden? Under the Biosecurity Act, you’re expected to know the basics about the spread of pests and diseases, and the problem pests in your local area.

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For further information go to http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/biosecurity/biosecurity-legislation/general-biosecurity-duty


If a weed poses a biosecurity risk in a particular area, but is not the subject of any specific legislation, the general biosecurity duty would apply to manage that weed or prevent its spread. Property owners may fulfill their general biosecurity duty by controlling the movement of weeds on and off their land, by:
  • Finding out where products brought onto the property (such as fodder, soil, mulch or gravel) originated and taking steps to manage any risks from it
  • Holding newly acquired livestock in a restricted area before releasing them onto the property
  • Holding stock in a weed-free area before transporting them off the farm if they had been exposed to weed seed
  • Not selling feed, soil, gravel or other products that might contain weed seed