Ungarie Floods – Report and pictures – Glenn Neyland Bland Shire

In June, when things were already getting wet, after receiving 80 mm of rain and then another 60 mm, the main street and other parts of Ungarie were inundated with water from the Humbug Creek.   Although a lot of sandbagging was done, about 25 buildings had water go through them.  The sewage system went down, and the School was closed for a few days. Some evacuations had to be undertaken. Cases of stranded farm houses and stock were attended to.

Again in September between the 9th – 26th,  three more flood peaks occurred.  Although the rainfalls were less,  all dams and the soil profile were already full and the creek was still trickling.All hands were on deck again sand bagging. The Ungarie Show was cancelled, the local Council election site was relocated and had to reopen the next week, and students from the School were given another week off.

Most roads out of Ungarie were closed and the Rail Coach Service was suspended.  Again the sewage system went down, with portaloos brought  to the rescue.

People were evacuated to West Wyalong and other parts of Ungarie for the second time with some farms again isolated.

A major clean up of sand bags etc has just been carried out as everyone was too nervous to have them removed earlier.

A lot of severe crop damage has occurred in the region as well.



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