Riverina Field Day 2016

This years Riverina Field Days held on the 13th & 14th of May would have to be the best Field Days held in Griffith since its inception. The weather was fine and the public turnout was far above expectations.

Under new management the event was revamped with a new layout and new exhibitions across the site. The emphasis was to draw more attendees to the event, which was achieved with more sites of interest for the whole family; i.e. arts and crafts, fun rides for the kids and show bags, cakes and cooking demonstrations.

Attendance at the Noxious Weeds site was very good with a constant stream of people passing through the gates over the two days and asking questions on their weed issues.

Issues discussed focused on Khaki weed, Prickly pear and African boxthorn, this was understandable as Prickly pear and African boxthorn have been targeted extensively over the past two or three years; with media releases dealing with control and excavation.

Another issue discussed with many attendees was the subject of compliance, i.e. 17B of the Noxious Weeds Act – Obligations to control noxious weeds in Irrigation areas.

Weeds Officers attended over the two days came from Murrumbidgee, Leeton and Hay, their attendance was greatly appreciated.

Weed Information Packs distributed to attendees over the two days amounted to 74 packs.

Before the Field Days it was decided that the Weed Wise App would be pushed, to this end flyers were copied and handed out to attendees; a number of the attendees had the App downloaded for them by Weed Officers.

Overall 48 attendees intended to download the App or had it downloaded for them, this was definitely a highlight of our field days.

The more people we can get to download the App the easier it will be for Weed Officers to interact with landholders and residents of Griffith or other councils in regard to compliance with the Noxious Weeds Act.

Report compiled by

Anthony Berry
Noxious Weeds Inspector
Griffith City Council