Red Guide Post – Fuel Nozzle Advertising Success



If you have not seen our RGP fuel nozzle designs sometime in the last two years you must have been filling your tank with your eyes closed!   Above are an example of all the designs that we have featured within this time.  Currently the fuel nozzles are still appearing at some service stations and still attracting attention (see ).

Fuel nozzle advertising has High Engagement – Careful observation of thousands of drivers has shown that they undergo 6 intense “hands-on” contacts with the fuel nozzle each time they visit the pump

Fuel Nozzle advertising also offers a High Return on Investment – unlike other mediums (be they print, TV, billboards etc) where the time frame of consumer viewing is under 30 seconds and in some cases under 5 seconds or not at all, consumers are aware of the FillBoard™ message for up to 4 minutes!

 For further information on Fuel Nozzle Advertising contact the helpful team at Seemedia Group

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