Keep an eye out for orange hawkweed

Orange hawkweed has recently been discovered on private property in the eastern part of our region.

Orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum) is on the National Alert List for Environmental Weeds and is a Class 1 Noxious Weed in NSW, as it has the potential to be a serious threat in the temperate areas of south-eastern Australia, including the Australian Alps. Prompt treatment of known populations of hawkweed has limited their spread so far.

Up until now, orange hawkweed has only been known to occur in Kosciuszko National Park, although there is the risk that there may be additional unknown infestations outside the park, as it has been used as a horticultural plant in NSW. THowever, a keen-eyed fisherman spotted hawkweed growing on private land next to the eastern border of the park and promptly reported it to the Office of Environment and Heritage. The site is now being treated.

We are encouraging landholders, particularly those in the upper reaches of our region, to keep an eye out for this plant, as it is flowering now. If you think you may have spotted orange hawkweed, take a GPS reading, or mark a map and take photos if you can, and contact your local shire weed officer or the DPI Hotline on 1800 680 244. You can find a brochure to assist with plant ID and reporting at this link.